Horseback & Polo Journeys

Journey to the high mountain passes of the roof of the world on horseback and travel to the exact region of Baltistan (known as little Tibet) where polo playing first originated centuries ago! No less adventurous or spectacular than our trekking programmes, these small-group tours are designed to provide riders an exhilarating alternative to exploring Pakistan’s great mountain ranges of Baltistan.

Special polo school and riding trips are offered during the renowned Shandur Pass Polo Tournament each July as well as during spring blossom and autumn color seasons.


The Shandur Pass, a grassy plateau, perched at 3600m in the very heart of the Hindu Kush range, is home to the highest polo ground on earth. More than 100 miles from Chitral village and 140 miles from Gilgit town, it is the dramatic setting for a remote but popular annual polo tournament.

Teams from Gilgit and Chitral battle it out for an entire week in the fiercely competitive manner decreed by centuries-old tribal traditions and in hopes of winning the much-coveted trophy.

This exciting program combines jeep and horseback journeys, as applicable, and traces the only route which carves through the Hindu Kush range from Afghanistan to northern Pakistan along the former Chitral to Gilgit caravan trail.

Along the way, participants will visit the famed Kalash Valley, home to the “infidels”, pass through the Zani Pass, cheer their chosen polo team to victory while in Shandur Pass, and travel onwards to Hunza by jeep.

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