Trekking Tours

K- 2 Concordia Trek

The Karakoram Range contains four mountains above 8000m and scores above 7000m. These peaks dominate the upper end of enormous valleys and some of the largest glaciers on earth. Concordia is the meeting point of such dramatic glaciers and valleys. The Baltoro and the Godwin Austin [K-2] glaciers join forces here to flow for dozens […]

Snow Lake Hisper Pass Trek

Snow Lake and “The Finest Mountain Scenery in the World” (Francis Younghusband)” “Beyond all comparison the finest view of mountains it has been my lot to behold,” Sir Martin Conway, the first European to cross the Hispar Pass, speaking of Snow Lake. 116 km glacier area, which is the largest continuous glaciel system out side […]

Nanga Parbat Fairy Meadows

Nanga Parbat, the westernmost pillar of the Himalayas, could easily be considered a range in itself for it spans nearly 40 km with uninterrupted ridges. The base is wrapped with thick pine forest and surrounded by meadows of colourful alpine flora and fauna.Nanga Parbat reaches 8100 metres and overshadows the Deosai Plain, a grassy plateau […]

Hushe Valley Saraqsa Glacier Trek

Saraqsa glacier in the Hushe valley is one of the most impressive areas for its unique landscape serene mountain views and its attractive flora faona in the Karakoram Range. Abundance of varieties of wild flower and different species of wild animal especially snow leopard, wolves, Ibex and foxes makes this area more attractive in the […]

Hunza Valley Batura Glacier Trek

The former mountain kingdom of Hunza and Nagar, in the Gilgit-Baltistan bordering China, are relatively recent additions to the Pakistan map. A beautiful land scattered with lush apricot orchids, surrounded by snow-capped peaks towering above 7000m, and set amidst some of the world’s largest glaciers, make for an impressive and colorful display. The upper Hunza Gojal […]

Upper Tirich Mir Glacier Trek

Trek in the remote mountains of the Hindu Kush and try the delicious mulberries and walnuts of the friendly and isolated Kalasha Valleys. Just a few miles from the north-western border of Pakistan is dominated by Tirich Mir (7700m), the highest mountain in the Hindu Kush range. Accessibility to the area is limited to weather-permitting […]

Tours in Bhutan

Although the trek is possible throughout the winter, the best time for the Gangte Trek is between March-May and September-November. It is a short and relatively easy trek with several beautiful villages and monasteries en route. The trail winds through forests of juniper, bamboo, magnolia and rhododendrons and over small streams of cold, clear mountain […]