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K-2 Expedition

Karakoram in Turkish means “Black Rubble”. In 1856 a British officer, Capt. Montgomery, surveyed a number of peaks in the Baltoro region of the Karakoram from a distance of about 200km. He noted a cluster of high peaks and named them K1, K2, K3 up to K37 using the prefix “K” from Karakoram. In 1861 […]

Nanga Parbat Expedition

Nanga Parbat, Sanskrit for “Naked Mountain” is so named because some of its slopes are so steep that they are bereft of vegetation and snow. According to the local old legend, Nanga Parbat is also called Diamir, which means abode of fairies. It is believed that the Queen of fairies lives there in a castle […]


The lowest by a small footage of the Karakoram 8000m is Gasherbrum–II (8035m). Climbers have described it as an impressive but achievable peak, much like Cho Oyu in this respect but with a walk to its BC that is said to be the best trek in the world. Its climb provides a perfect mountaineering experience. […]

Trango Tower (6286m)

Trango Tower in one of the most spectacular mountain regions on earth with rock walls soaring seemingly endlessly upwards. The well-known rock spire, Trango Tower, is on the same ridgeline as we are taking to Great Trango’s summit and our route passes directly beneath Trango’s needle like structure. Great Trango looks almost un climbable from […]