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Rock and Ice Climbing

Pakistan though known for high-altitude climbing yet equally offers rock climbing adventures. Trango Towers also known as “Trango group of mountains” in Baltoro region is famous for rock climbing. Besides, Kondus sub-valley in Khaplu region, Tsaraqsa sub-valley in Hushe, Nangma sub-valley in Kande also offers good opportunities for rock climbers. There are other numerous unnamed […]

Muztagh Ata Expedition

Muztagh Ata (7546m) is the second summit of Tian-Shan according to the altitude and situated in Kun-Lun range on the territory of Xinjiang province in China. In local languages “Muztagh Ata” means Ice Mountain’s Father. The huge snow mountain-mass raised above the Karakul Lake attracts the mountaineers of the whole world. The climbing way on […]

K- 2 Concordia Trek

The Karakoram Range contains four mountains above 8000m and scores above 7000m. These peaks dominate the upper end of enormous valleys and some of the largest glaciers on earth. Concordia is the meeting point of such dramatic glaciers and valleys. The Baltoro and the Godwin Austin [K-2] glaciers join forces here to flow for dozens […]

Snow Lake Hisper Pass Trek

Snow Lake and “The Finest Mountain Scenery in the World” (Francis Younghusband)” “Beyond all comparison the finest view of mountains it has been my lot to behold,” Sir Martin Conway, the first European to cross the Hispar Pass, speaking of Snow Lake. 116 km glacier area, which is the largest continuous glaciel system out side […]