What to bring


  1. Comfortable trekking boots with spare insoles.
  2. Trainers or running shoes as a comfortable change.
  3. Liner socks and thick cuter socks, at least two pairs of each.
  4. Trekking trousers.
  5. Long loose fitting, wash and wear shirts, both lightweight and warm, with button-down.
  6. Several T-shirts and underpants.
  7. One set of thermal underwear.
  8. Down-filled or thermal jacket.
  9. Light plastic rain cape with hood or Gore-Tex jacket with hood.
  10. Gloves or mittens.
  11. Warm sky hat and broad-brimmed sunhat.
  12. Umbrella
  13. Sleeping bag warms to – 10 C (14) with detachable cotton liner.
  14. Nylon stuff bags with drawstring tops for carrying supplies.
  15. Clear plastic bags to protect spare clothes from damp.
  16. Backpack
  17. Matches in waterproof bag.
  18. Sewing kit, scissors, and safety pins.
  19. Water bottle.
  20. Moleskin plaster.
  21. Lip balm. Sun cream lotion, total sun block, and skin moisturizer.
  22. Flea powder, insect repellent, soothing bite cream, calamine lotion.
  23. Sunglasses and /or glacier glasses ice axe and crampon.
  24. Maps notebooks, pens, personnel first aid kit and knife.